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Forbes Information Technology Limited was formed in 2021 but has been operational since 1985. During the last five decades, the founder, Rory Forbes, has experienced the many changes that have occurred in the software industry over this time. From the ever increasing pace of progress offered by new technologies to the best practice trends addressing sales and marketing, Rory has, uniquely, been one of the few software professionals to have worked at the sharp edge and senior leadership in all the key disciplines within the industry.

Making IT FiT is what we are all about.

We provide consultancy services and additional capacity when needed to software authors and resellers to help them maximise the opportunity to achieve growth.

We apply focus at the intersection of product features, marketing messages and sales approach to optimise the customer and prospect experience and to ensure that goals for return on investment can be met.

We specialise in understanding product capabilities, evaluating these features to ensure they fit into a market-facing model that increases awareness of solution potential whilst helping assure that the sales capabilities and processes are aligned with priority objectives.

All this happens in a very small space. It is possible for product teams to head off in isolation to develop features that are not required by prospective or existing customers but instead to develop against internal views and opinions. It often happens that marketing campaigns are conceived without true awareness of product realities which can lead to bitter after taste when seeking customer testimonials or loyalty. When sales complain that the product doesn’t do what prospects are expecting all the hours and investment committed by well motivated teams can lead to little or no traction in terms of new name sales or worse accelerate churn from amongst existing customers.

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